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Good ingredients are needed for good taste of food

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This is a post in English. If you prefer the Korean, you can find it here.


I read news that one of the best restaurants, El Bulli of Spain, will close forever on July, 30. The restaurant is very famous because the greatest chef Ferran Adrià is there. His restaurant opens only between April and October and he travels the world to find the good ingredients and get an inspiration for new menu. He knows that it’s impossible to make great food without great ingredients.

I’m not cooker or taster. The reason why I talked about cook is that it’s very similar to Android world. I think you may know the bad reviews about the brand-new Galaxy Tab 10.1 although Samsung seems to succeed to make the Android Galaxy S2 phone very similar to iPhone.(from point of HW and performance)

Except the nonsense of product name (I want to know who likes the name of 10.1, 8.9?), there are huge lack of apps and services you can enjoy. Then who should be blamed? The cooks like Samsung, Motolora, LG, HTC? As I know, they’re doing their best to make and serve good food to customers. Then who left? It’s Google. Google is the sole supplier of ingredients to them but the lack of quality of ingredients and varieties are problem. It makes the bad taste of food.

I think Google will not know the bad taste because they’re eating at their best restaurant in plex. Everyone who goes to restaurant and pays the money for bad food, however, will not come back again. Moreover, the worse thing is that the customers will blame the restaurant and cook for taste. And the ingredient supplier(Google) is taking away all money.

I bet if Google do the same thing for long, they also will face severe problem because the restaurant where nobody comes again will close forever. And there is a new survey released June, 30 by Nielsen. According to survey, 55% of US mobile phone users use the smart phone by May. 27% users use Android phones compare to 17% users of iOS.

Android has more users but iOS user increased from 10% of February. I know there are many reasons for change. But I’m sure many peoples are going back to iOS restaurant as they disappointed with new Android restaurant. In addition to that, iOS restaurant revealed new ingredients like iCloud, iMessage and new menue(apps) will show up in near future. Do they(Google) really have no time to prepare new ingredient?

No way! 35 billion bucks in cash is in their plex. The reason why they don’t know the problem is they’re eating in plex. Go out and enter into any restaurants in city. Eat it and hear whatever other people say about food. A few days ago, Google changed the website UI. And they also showed new UI of Gmail. Good things. Then move on next. Android Restaurant!

P.S : I bought drama from iTunes. It’s my first! The title is ‘The Killing’ consisted of 13 episodes and I paid $21.99 for season 1. I can watch it on my PC, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. It’s very easy to find it and purchase. Google should do same thing. If they want customers to get good taste of food, they should make cooks to concentrate cooking.


Written by Mike Kim

2011년 7월 1일 , 시간: 7:23 오전

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