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AppStore for Whom? To Where?

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I very thank the AppStore of device maker and it brings us the new opportunities. The AppStore system is not brand-new but the former is closed to public and only Op-Co(Operator Company) has the privilege to control the system. The public couldn’t make the application they want to use. The revolution which is driven by Apple gives the freedom to people.

But the AppStore is not the FreeStore. We should buy the specific device to use the AppStore and the approval is needed to upload the application by someone.(A notorious one is Apple) Unfortunately the earner is not us. We should be aware that the AppStore is same the Lottery. The very rarely company or people hit the jackpot and most cash is moved into the pocket of Apple, Google, MS and etc. That’s the reason I wrote this article.

We should turn our heads from the applications to the contents itself. Contents are different from the applications that the public can make it easily and already have it. The contents are noble, poem, comics, movie, music, news and even diary i.e. all information can be the contents.

This is not saying of destroy of application. The application is a tool and many tools are not needed. For example, think about the Comic viewer. The Comic viewer version 1.0 is 2$. The new version 2.0 has more features to view the comics and the price is 2$. Do you want to buy it? Compare to this, your favorite comic episode is just released. The price is 1$. You will get it without hesitation. If we widen our thoughts to other areas like soap or movie, more people like actors, writers and staffs will participate to make the contents and they earn money.

So the Apple or Google follower like each Op-Co, makers(especially MS and Samsung) should concentrate on getting the exclusive right for the contents and the competitor can’t use it.(There are over 100,000 apps for Apple but it makes no difference to 50,000 apps for Android in viewpoint of useful apps)

If you choose one device for AppStore, which is more attractive between TV series(24, CSI, Lost) or not?


Written by Mike Kim

2010년 6월 29일 , 시간: 12:19 오전

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